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Wetpot® Watering Systems

Saves water. Very efficient watering system, using as little as 1/2 a litre per emitter per week! Compared to 1 litre every 15 minutes for some "efficient" drip irrigation systems.

Grow lush healthy plants in a drought or where other watering systems are restricted or banned.

Very efficient watering direct to plants roots

Perfect for pot plants or in the garden

Automated without electricity or gadgets

Easy to install, no need for a handyman.

How the wetpot® watering system works

The wetpot® watering system consists of porous ceramic pots buried under the soil beside your plants. Wetpots buried beside your plants slowly seep out water under gravity pressure, keeping the soil moist and providing you with beautiful fresh herbs and vegetables or strong healthy shrubs and trees.

A storage tank delivers water to a series of wet pots® under gravity pressure.
Water slowly seeps from each wet pot®

What our customers have said about Wetpots® and our service.

"I was very pleased to see not one plant collapsed in the high heat today so the wetpots must be getting the water to the right place. We have always had a vege garden but on long hot days it is hard to keep the water up to mature plants with water restrictions on so hope to solve that problem with wetpots." John Massey, Talebugera, Qld Australia.
Here is a photo of Johns unique space and water saving Urban Vegetable Garden.

Water is delivered directly to the root zone and less water is lost to evaporation or runoff.

Water is delivered below the often hard and dry soil surface direct to your plants roots. This prevents water being lost though evaporation or runoff.

As the plants develop, their roots wrap around the wetpots and only take as much or as little water as they require.

If there has been rain then the soil will be moist and less water will flow out of the wetpot®, when the soil begins to dry out and more water is required by the plants, more water will seep out of the wetpot®. On very hot days plants will draw out as much water as they require from the wetpots®.

The Wetpot Watering System can be used where other Watering Systems are restricted or banned!

The 30 Litre or 60 Litre Wetpot® water storage containers can be filled by hand with a hose or with buckets and don't have to be connected to a mains water supply. This means that the Wetpot® Watering System is not considered a "Watering System" under the definition used by councils in Australia. Although, were it is permitted you can connect the water storage container to mains water supply or a rain water tank with a float valve so that the water storage container always remains full.

Easy to install

Anyone can follow our simple instructions and install the wetpot® watering system. You can install the system yourself, quickly and easily, which saves you money.

Because the wetpot® watering system runs on gravity pressure and works effectively on very low pressure, it can be setup to run from a small storage tank that you fill once a week/month or as often as required depending on the size of the system.

There is no need to worry about irrigation fittings exploding under high pressure, digging up pipes, or any of the other common unpleasant tasks associated with installing a traditional irrigation system. The wetpot watering system is a self contained watering system operating under very low pressures which makes putting it together a simple matter of cutting the 4mm multi-flex pipe to the length required with your scissors, dipping the end in hot water and attaching it to the wetpots then burying the wetpots under the soil surface beside your plants. See how easy Wetpots® are to install CLICK HERE

Operates independent of mains water or electricity

Many irrigation systems require connection to mains water to get the water pressure needed to work effectively. In many councils this requires an irrigation expert with a irrigator's installation licence in order to install them. Many irrigation systems are so complicated to install, an expert trained in their installation is required to install them for you, which can cost $100's of dollars.

The wetpot® watering system can be setup as a stand alone watering system using gravity feed from the 30 litre storage tank included in the kit. You can even set the holding tank to connect to your own rain water tank making your garden watering totally self sufficient and automated.

Automatic Watering System

Unlike other automatic watering systems, the wetpot watering system doesn't require electricity or complicated computers or gadgetry. Wepots rely on the always reliable "force of gravity" to deliver water from the storage container to the wetpot emitters. The emitters constantly release water from their surface 24 hours a day. No need to worry about coming back from a holiday to find your water timer has stopped working due to a black out.

Deliver fertiliser direct to the roots

The wetpot® watering system allows for liquid fertilisers to be added to the water storage tank, delivering nutrients directly to the root system of each plant.

N.B. We recommend worm juice and comfrey tea added to the water storage tank for great results. Fertilisers that contain oils, such as fish emulsion and seaweed, are not recommended for the system. They are best added directly to the soil or as a foliar spray.

Less weeds

In your garden, weeds are suppressed as they are not provided with water in order to germinate on the soils surface, thus reducing transpiration losses of irrigation water through weeds, as the surface soil layer remains dry (except after a rain), while the soil below the surface remains moist at all times

Delivering fertiliser directly to the root system of the plants means that weeds that would normally flourish on the soil surface are not able to access the nutrients available directly to the plant.

Closed System prevents blockages caused by ants or dirt

The wetpot® watering system is a closed system. Water can only seep out of the ceramic pots. There is no way for ants or dirt to get into the system to clog it, as can happen with other forms of irrigation.


  • Smart technology at the cutting edge of efficient sustainable water use.

  • Simple system with no electronics, computers or gadgetry.

  • Easy to install. No need for a handyman, plumber or electrician. Install it yourself!

Money Back Guarantee

We will happily refund your money minus postage and handling costs to return your system to us, if you are not satisfied with your wetpot watering system, provided you have treated it with care and followed our simple installation instructions correctly.

Order Online Today

Wetpot watering systems can be ordered online and paid for with an online Internet Banking transfer or by posting a money order. Your order will be posted at Australia Post the next business day, after you make an Internet banking transfer to our account if you make the transfer before 5pm.

Order now, and start growing a beautiful lush green healthy garden on your balcony or in your back yard CLICK HERE



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