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Do wetpots break?

Many people ask to wetpots break. People are surprised to find a watering system made out of clay pots and assume it must be fragile. We have personally never broken a wetpot® in all the time we have been using them. Our customers have never reported breaking one either. However, just like a coffee cup if you drop it from a hight onto a hard surface its possible it might break. Or if your children decide to smash your coffee cups together for fun, then its possible they may break too but if you look after a coffee cup its likely to last for a very long time.

We recommend you take care to place your wetpots in a safe location while you are installing them so that you or someone else looking on doesn't accidentally stand on them before they are installed. Once they are installed in the ground beside your plants its very unlikely that you will break them.

Won't I break my wetpots by standing on them in the garden?

If you make a habit of standing on your plants and breaking them its possible you may stand on the wetpot® which would be buried under the soil beside the plant. However, once a wetpot® is buried in the ground it is very robust. Provided you don't start digging around your plants with a pitch fork or a spade, as wetpots will break if they are damaged in this way, just as traditional irrigation pipes can be damaged by puncturing them with a garden implement.

Will wetpots break from garden roots?

No. wetpots have been tested in situations where they are entangled in very strong tree roots and to date no wetpot® has ever broken from the pressure of roots.

Are wetpots easy to install?

Yes! They are very easy to install. You don't need to be a handy person or have any experience in gardening or irrigation systems in order to install them. Anybody can install them quickly and easily by following our simple instructions with pictures to demonstrate each step. It is a lot of fun setting up your wetpot® watering system. You will be proud of having installed one of the most efficient and revolutionary watering systems ever designed.

Do I need an irrigation licence to install wetpots?

Providing your setup your wetpot® watering system as a stand alone system. That is you don't connect it to the mains water supply then you don't require an irrigation licence to install them.

Can you post wetpots to me?

Yes! We can post your wetpot® starter kit or additional wetpots to you. Please see our order page for details or postage or contact us if you would like us to provide you with a quote for postage or delivery. We provide free delivery for purchases over $200 anywhere on the Sunshine Coast.

Can I expand my system in the future with more wetpots?

Yes! If you buy a starter kit and find that you would like to install more wetpots in your garden or in pots around your balcony for example then you can order more wetpots and simply add them to your existing system. We have a minimum order of 5.

Do you provide help and after sales support ?

Yes! Although its unlikely that you will need our help as wetpot® watering systems are very easy for anyone to install, we are more than happy to provide you with help via email or over the phone. We enjoy helping people setup their garden to be water efficient and to provide them with healthy fruit and vegetables or beautiful lush ornamental plants. In the near future we will have a forum where you can share your experiences with wetpots as well as ask others members for help if you need it.

Do you accept credit card?

No. At this time we only accept money orders, direct deposits into our bank account or Internet payments into our bank account. If you would like to order by credit card please let us know and we will consider adding this option in the future.

If you have any questions about wetpot® watering systems please email us.



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