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How to install wetpots.

Often irrigation can be complicated. Some irrigation even needs an expert to install it! You will be amazed at how easy wetpots are to install. They use nature's gravity to put water directly near the plant's roots, saving you money on power and water bills.

There are two different types of wetpots. wetpots for potted plants and ingrounds for gardens.

Here we are installing large wetpots for a balcony garden. You can choose the small wetpots for pots under 12 inches wide. Small pots are also good for box style window pots.

1. The wetpot® kit: plant pots, wetpots, holding tank, connecting 4mm pipe, t's for attaching wetpot® to pipe and plants.

2. One sheet of paper in bottom of pots helps soil stay in if holes are large.

3. Pour in a good organic potting mix.

4. Add 10% good organic soil conditioner rich with organic fertilisers and minerals.

5. Mix well with potting mix. The soil conditioner will help the plants get all the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

6. Place a wetpot® in the middle of the pot and fill soil around it.

7. The top of the wetpot® will sit just above the surface.

8. Place one wetpot® in each pot and fill soil around them.

9. Now you are ready to connect the wetpots together with the 4mm pipe. Measure the distance between the t's on top of the pots. Allow a little more for slack.
10. Cut pipe for all wetpots with scissors.
11. Heat each pipe end with hot water to make it easy to put on the T.

12. Attach the pipe to the T at the top of the wetpot®.

13. You don't need to push the pipe all the way to the end, although you can. Putting it on 3/4 of the way allows them to be removed easier later if changing the setup.

14. Continue until all the wetpots are connected with pipe.
15. Attach the dripper to the pot at the other end from the holding tank.

Attaching the holding tank to the wetpots

16. Attach the 12mm pipe to the holding tank.

17. Attach 4mm pipe to 12mm pipe at joiner.

18. Measure distance from 12mm pipe to nearest wetpot®, allowing some slack, and attach.

19. Now the wetpot® system is fully attached. The storage tank height can be adjusted up or down to increase or decrease the gravity flow.

20. Fill the holding tank with water. An optional float valve kit running off mains or tank allows automatic filling.

21. Turn the water on.
22. With the stopper unscrewed from the dripper end, water moves from the tank, down the pipe, into each wetpot® and out the dripper when all wetpots are full. Let it flow until all air is out of the system.
23. When the water is flowing well out the end of the dripper, place the stopper back on the dripper. The wetpot® system is now full of water with no air pockets.
The wetpots are now setup and are permeating water out of the pourous clay under the soil surface. If you dig a little around a wetpot®, you will notice that it is damp. This is where the plants will find the water they need to grow.

The great thing about wetpots is that they deliver water right where the plant needs it. Once the plants roots have established, they will take as much water as they need and no excess water will be wasted.

Now you can relax, not needing to worry whether you are overwatering or underwatering your plants.

Planting Herb and Salad seedlings

24. Take out enough soil to make a hole to place the seedling in.

25. Place seedlings evenly around wetpot®.
To fit more herbs and veges in, place tall plants next to spreading plants. eg Basil with oregano.

26. They can be placed fairly close together as you will thin them as you start to pick them for eating.

27. Herbs and salad greens will give you a supply of fresh, organic produce to make your cooking taste extra good! High in enzymes, freshly picked straight from your balcony or patio.

28. After planting, thoroughly water in the seedlings to settle them in. In hot weather, seedlings may need watering for the first week, until their roots have established.

29. A few weeks later you will have an abundant balcony herb garden watered by your wetpot® watering system.


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