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The man behind the innovation

Peter Wakeling founder of Wetpot® Industries, is the driving force behind wetpots. Peter has spent the last 7 years developing wetpots to the finished state they are today. As a ceramist and a passionate water conservationist, Peter has spent years fine tuning wetpots, through trials and gardener feedback, to make wetpots a state of the art watering system.

Peter is a world leader and pioneer in subsurface, porous pot, gravity fed under pressure watering systems. He has developed subsurface porous pots into the sealed gravity fed under pressure watering system that it is today.

The Wetpot® Watering System provides for greater watering efficiency with no surface evaporation, fertilizing straight to the root system, no reliance on power and less weed competition.





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The Wetpot® trade mark is owned by Wetpot Industries.