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How do wetpots work?

The gravity pressure, soil tension and root-suction tension forces the water to seep out of the wepots, forming a wetting front that wets the soil surrounding the wetpots within a radidus of 20 cm.

The wetting process continues until the soil moisture is in equilibrium with the wetpot.
As long as there is water uptake by plants, water continues to seep out of the wetpot.

Direct to plant roots

As the plants develop, their roots wrap around the wetpots and only take as much or as little water as they require.

Water does not flow freely from the wetpots, rather the wetpot guides water seepage from it in the direction where suction develops.

If there has been rain then the soil will be moist from rain and less water will flow out of the wetpot, when the soil begins to dry out and more water as required by the plants, more water will seep out of the wetpot.

The wetting front depends on the soil texture. Sandy soils do not allow water to move horizontally away from the wetpot as much as soils high in organic matter. Wetpots work best when used in combination with good organic gardening practices, such as using mulch, organic liquid fertiliser and trace elements.




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