Sunday, January 02, 2005

Door Step Garden Watering System

On Christmas day we installed a door step garden watering system in Casino, New South Wales, Australia. The watering system was quite small with only 3 large wetpots required to water 3 special plants on the front steps.

Like most Australian towns, Casino can have quite hot and dry afternoons, which can quickly dry out your pot plants if they are not watered regularly. The wetpot watering system takes care of this task for you, leaving the soil around your pot plants moist at all times.

The position of the water urn at the top of the steps allows it to be easily filled.

As you can see the artwork and design of the ceramic urn used as a water storage container was right at home on the the front steps of this house. The urn used to hold the water in this watering system was hand made as well as hand painted by Peter Wakely the developer of Wetpots.

A system such as this one with 3 large wetpots would use about 1.5 to 4.5 litres per week. The water urn will need to be refilled only once a week in summer and less often in winter.

To order a system similar to the one used in this door step garden visit our wetpot order page here.

Joel Bruce
Co-Founder Sunshine Watering Systems

"Where there is water there is life"


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