Monday, January 03, 2005

Hanging Plant Watering System

Hanging plants require watering more frequently than pot plants on the ground. This is because air circulates around the hanging plants pot causing the soil to dry out quickly.

Watering your hanging plants can be quite difficult as they are often hard to reach. Watering hanging plants can also be a messy job as water either overflows or drips out the bottom of your hanging basket or pot. Once the soil drys out its difficult to get water right to the bottom of the pot without it overflowing.

Today we are rescuing a hanging plant which because of its difficult to reach location has been neglected and hasn't received as much water as it requires. This plant is in particularly poor condition as it receives very hot afternoon sun.

We have put 1 small wetpot emitter into this hanging plant and connected it to a beautiful blue ceramic urn hand crafted and painted by Peter. The wetpot will slowly seep out water as the hanging plant requires and will never overflow or drip on the floor. To help keep the soil cool and to reduce water loss on the surface we will put some mulch on the surface of the pot.

The urn will only need to be filled once every couple of weeks.

To order a hanging plant watering system similar to the one we have used above, visit our wetpot order page here.

Joel Bruce
Co-Founder Sunshine Watering Systems

"Where there is water there is life"


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